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DEBtox information

Publications / Papers on toxicokinetics


The papers here are organised by year of publication. Each paper gets a few keys to facilitate searching by topic. Each paper has a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), that uniquely identifies it on the internet. Clicking the link provides the abstract, and also the PDF if you have access rights to that journal.

Requirements to be included

Only models that link DEB theory to toxicokinetics (and do not deal with toxicity) are included in the list below.

Full list by year

1990 1994


  • Bodiguel X, Maury O, Mellon-Duval C, Roupsard F, Le Guellec AM and Loizeau V (2009). A dynamic and mechanistic model of PCB bioaccumulation in the European hake (Merluccius merluccius). J Sea Res 62:124-134.

  • Eichinger M, Loizeau V, Roupsard F, Le Guellec AM and Bacher C (2010). Modelling growth and bioaccumulation of polychlorinated biphenyls in common sole (Solea solea). J Sea Res 64:373-385.


  • Pousse E, J Flye-Sainte-Marie, M Alunno-Bruscia, H H├ęgaret, E Rannou, L Pecquerie, GM Marques, Y Thomas, J Castrec, C Fabioux, M Long, M Lassudrie, L Hermabessiere, Z Amzil, P Soudant, F Jean (2019). Modelling paralytic shellfish toxins (PST) accumulation in Crassostrea gigas by using Dynamic Energy Budgets (DEB). J Sea Res 143:152-164. 

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