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DEBtox information


Courses on DEB(tox) and GUTS

Use the links in the sub-menus to select information about the specific courses on DEB(tox)/GUTS that are currently offered on a regular basis. These are only the courses that I am, or have been, involved in; other courses that may be of interest will be announced and linked on the home page.

Ad hoc courses

In the past, I have provided ad hoc courses on one of my core topics (on a commercial basis, alone or in combination with other teachers). In principle, I stopped doing that in 2023. However, if you have a group of people with an interest in such an ad hoc course, feel free to contact me (see DEBtox Research). Even if I cannot provide such a course, I may be able to point you to people who can. But first better take a look at the regular courses that are offered in various places.


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