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E-books / Guide to GUTS

Information about "GUTS, a comprehensive guide"

This page contains information about the upcoming e-book on GUTS entitled:"Modelling survival under chemical stress. A comprehensive guide to the GUTS framework." We expect to offer a first version by mid January 2018. I will write this book together with Roman Ashauer, as part of a CEFIC-LRI funded project. The book will contain a detailed description of GUTS, its special cases, and the associated statistics. Case studies will be included to illustrate how to use GUTS on actual data sets, and much, much more.
The book will be offered through the Leanpub publishing framework. As with the other e-books, you will have the opportunity to download it for free, but you also have the option to pay for it. Please consider this option, for it will allow us to dedicate time and effort to updating this e-book, and writing new ones.

The book will become available through this landing page at Leanpub (expected mid January 2018).

   Here we will place a link to the version log for changes relative to the previous version.

   Check out the list of survival papers (using the hazard formulation) over here.

How do I refer to the book?

Please refer to the Leanpub page (link will be provided) with the version of the PDF. As reference to GUTS, best to use the paper in the open literature:
  • Jager T, Albert C, Preuss TG, Ashauer R (2011). General Unified Threshold model of Survival - a toxicokinetic-toxicodynamic framework for ecotoxicology. Environ Sci Technol 45:2529-2540. 

Where can I find software to do 'GUTS' analyses?

Matlab-based software packages are offered on the BYOM pages. All GUTS cases can be run. Links to other software (such as two R-packages for GUTS) is collected over here.

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