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Welcome to the DEBtox information site

Welcome to the DEBtox information page, the site for people that want to make sense of ecotoxicity data. This site contains information on mechanistic models for the analysis of stressor effects on the life-history traits of individual organisms (and from there to higher and lower levels of biological organisation). Specifically, this site is about models based on animal energy budgets (DEBtox and DEBkiss) and survival models from the GUTS framework.

This website constitutes a node in the international DEBnet network, together with the associated site of DEBtox Research.

The mission of  is to simplify biology to get to the essence of what toxicants (and other stresses) are doing to organisms. Simplification is necessary if we need to gain understanding. Furthermore, we cannot expect to test even a small fraction of all possible (combinations of) toxicants, species and environmental conditions. Once we get to the essence, it is possible to make educated predictions of toxicant effects for untested chemicals, untested species, and under untested conditions.

Here, you can find information, lists of relevant publications, (links to) free e-books, and freely downloadable Matlab packages to analyse your data. Use the major categories on the top left of the screen to navigate through this site; the corresponding sub-categories will appear right next to it in the sub-menu.

Messages and warnings

The free and open-source software openGUTS v1.1 is now available for download! It is available as a standalone Windows executable or as Matlab package. It supports the use of GUTS for regulatory purposes, but will also prove useful for scientific studies. The dedicated website provides more information. Version 1.1 repairs a
calculation error that was spotted in openGUTS, which may affect IT calibrations/predictions for specific types of exposure scenarios. The Matlab version has also been updated to v1.1 to repair this. For more information, see the openGUTS website.

For users of BYOM versions before v. 4.3, see the notes and warnings on the BYOM page (bottom of page).
But, really, you should update to a newer version ... If you are working with BYOM, and would like to be notified immediately in case of errors, new versions, etc., email me and I will include you in a mailing list. I may also use this mailing list for other important developments such as new (versions) of the e-books, and new papers. This saves you the hassle of checking this website every week ;-).

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Upcoming courses and events

  • We planned to provide regular GUTS courses, but these plans are put on ice for the moment. More information.
  • Roman Ashauer and myself gave an on-line short course on openGUTS at the 2020 SETAC SciCon. This course is now available for everyone via Leanpub: Although you don't get the interaction with the instructors, this is still a nice way to educate yourself in quarantine.
  • Training course on GUTS modelling: from the theory to the practice. 7-8 June 2022, on-line. More information. This course will focus on using MOSAIC and hence analysis in the Bayesian context.
  • The next DEB school and symposium is planned for the first half of 2023. More info available here.
  • The next TKTD summerschool on dynamic modelling of toxic effects is not planned yet, but is certainly not expected before mid 2023. More info will become available here.
  • At the 2022 SETAC conference in Copenhagen, there will be a short course on a new tool for DEB-TKTD predictions for risk assessment. More info here.

Job opportunities for modellers

  • Ibacon is looking for an effects modeller (population and TKTD). More information.
  • ...

Latest news

  • 5 May 2022: Paper published on applying DEBkiss to early-life stages of cleaner fish ( Open Access). Part of the StartRens project.
  • 21 April 2022: Small update of the stdDEB-TKTD package to version Beta 4. See BYOM downloads page.
  • 1 April 2022: Small update of BYOM to version 6.1. See BYOM downloads page.
  • 14 January 2022: Official release of BYOM version 6.0. See BYOM downloads page. Also a tiny update of the DEBtox2019 package, that speeds up the EPx calculations for some exposure profiles.
  • 13 January 2022: First (beta) release of a BYOM package for standard DEB in ecotoxicology: stdDEB_tktd. See BYOM downloads page.
  • 6 December 2021: Extension of the reduced GUTS models for binary mixtures. Package is now available. See BYOM downloads page.
  • 1 December 2021: small update for BYOM to beta 8. See BYOM downloads page.
  • 29 November 2021: the main packages are now ready for BYOM v.6.0. See BYOM downloads page.
Older news over here.

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