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DEBtox information


Courses on DEB(tox) and GUTS

Use the links in the sub-menus to select information about the specific courses on DEB(tox) that are currently offered on a regular basis. These are only the courses that I am involved in (I make an exception for the DEB course); information on other courses that may be of interest will be collected below.

We are currently planning various courses on TKTD models. More information will be posted on this site when available. We plan to organise the summercourse DynModTox once every two years, even though various circumstances have forced us to deviate from that schedule. (in 2021 organised again as autumn course!)

Ad hoc courses

I do sometimes provide an ad hoc course on any of my core topics (on a commercial basis, alone or in combination with other teachers). If you have a group of people with an interest in such an ad hoc course, contact me for the possibilities (see DEBtox Research). However, also take a look at the regular courses that are offered.

Is there a dedicated GUTS course?

We are planning a dedicated 2-day GUTS course, to be given on a regular basis. The first course of this type will be geared towards professionals that like to apply GUTS for the authorization of plant protection products (PPPs). These will be held in Wageningen, the Netherlands. More information.

Roman Ashauer and myself gave an on-line short course on openGUTS at the 2020 SETAC SciCon. This course is now available for everyone through Leanpub: This is a completely do-it-yourself course, so no interactions with instructors or fellow participants.


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