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Information about my e-books

Here, you can find supporting information for the e-books that I have prepared. The books themselves are published with Leanpub, where they can be downloaded (see my author page). You decide the price: there is a suggested price, but you are also allowed to download them for free, no problem. Preparing these books, the Matlab software, and maintaining this website, is done in my own time. So, the more money I can collect with book sales, the more time I can invest in these activities. You need to create an account at Leanpub, with your email address. The good thing is that I can see how many people have downloaded my books (I cannot see who they are, just that someone has bought/downloaded a book), and you get a message whenever I publish a new version (which you can then download for free). Furthermore, you can comment on the book at the Leanpub site.

At this moment, the following books are on offer:
  • Making sense of chemical stress. Applications of Dynamic Energy Budget theory in ecotoxicology and stress ecology. By Tjalling Jager. Support page.
  • DEBkiss. A simple framework for animal energy budgets. By Tjalling Jager. Support page.
  • Modelling survival under chemical stress. A comprehenisve guide to the GUTS framework. By Tjalling Jager & Roman Ashauer. Support page.
  • Mechanistic modelling essentials. Principles, mathematics and statistics for building and applying TK and TKTD models. Support page. This one is not free, but friendly priced.
  • My PhD thesis from 2003 (the unpublished Chapter 2 is a thorough introduction into TK modelling). By Tjalling Jager. Download from Leanpub.
More books might be prepared in the future.

Please do not modify these e-books or post the PDFs on another website. Feel free to link to these web pages though, or to Leanpub, which ensures a connection to the latest version. Feel free to use these books for non-commercial purposes (e.g., university courses). Also feel free to use parts of these books for non-commercial purposes, but give credit where credit is due. For commercial applications, please contact me. I noticed that some of my e-books are also offered on other (rather shady) web sites. Please get them through Leanpub only!

Why (free) e-books?

First and foremost because I want to make this information available to as broad an audience as possible. Furthermore, an e-book is more environment friendly: you can read it from a pc, e-reader or tablet, or you can print the specific parts you would like to read, and I can easily keep the contents up-to-date. I now publish it with Leanpub, which offers people the option to pay for the book (though they can also set the price to 0$). I get a fair share from the proceedings, I keep all copyrights, and I can update the books whenever I like. It does not get any better!

Why the PDF format?

Because that is easiest to do with LaTeX, and it allows you to print (parts of) it yourself. PDF also offers the possibility to work with hyperlinks in the document, which helps the reader navigate through the text. Let me know if you would like to see a different format (such as a dedicated e-book format). If I receive enough requests, I may be tempted to dive into this matter. Of course, you can always use a print-on-demand service to produce a real book for you. Roman used epubli (website seems to be in German only) to produce a physical version of the GUTS book, as you can see below. The layout of the e-books is such that it works well in the printed version, and is readable at B5 size.


How often do you update the books?

Difficult to say; it also depends on how many people pay for the e-books (I mostly write them in my own time). When I spot clear errors, I will correct them ASAP. Further, I expect to add new literature with some regularity. In any case, I will keep a version log to clarify what changes I made in each new version. The PhD thesis will certainly not be updated anymore.

Gimme feedback!

Did you like the book, or not? Was reading the book helpful for you, or not? Are you missing something that you would like to see me address in an update of the book? Tell me about it! Please send me a message, either through Leanpub on the book's landing page (that can even be done anonymously) or email me directly.

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