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Free tools that you cannot live without

  • Need to get data points from a graph out of a publication? Try out the free PlotReader at It's free and it works like a charm.
  • LaTeX, the document preparation system for nerds. Windows users find everything they need at In addition, you can use TeXnicCenter to give you a user-friendly environment, see
  • Need information about a chemical such as structure, molecular weight, hydrophobicity? Download EPI suite.
  • Need to fit GUTS models and want to do it on-line in a simple (and Bayesian) manner? Check out MOSAIC.
  • Need to fit GUTS models and don't want to do it on-line (and frequentist)? Check out openGUTS.
  • Want to make predictions for time-varying exposure profiles from a DEBtox2019 calibration? Check out the on-line DeEP tool (also available as standalone).
  • Of course, BYOM from this website offers a free Matlab-based framework for a wide range of model analyses.
  • In the DEB portal, you can also find Matlab-based software for analyses with the standard DEB animal model and its extensions. This includes the tools to create add-my-pet entries.

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