BYOM walkthrough DEBtox2019 package

Step-by-step walk through the code of the BYOM DEBtox2019 package. This package is linked to the publication of the DEBtox update (Jager, 2020), which is based on the DEBkiss model. This walk through is made with the 'publish' option in Matlab, which might also be very convenient to keep track of your work (as a modeller's log book).

Note that this package contains three (closely related) model versions. They are explained in detail in the text file in the package (about_the_DEBtox2019_package.txt). This walk through uses the 'simple_compound' model.

This walk through provides an example for Daphnia magna, using a strategy of first fitting the basic parameters to the control treatment, and next fitting the tox parameters on all treatments, keeping the basic parameters fixed. This allows for more straightforward (and easier-to-calculate) model analysis (fitting more than 6 parameters simultaneously is generally a bad idea).

This walk through consists of the following files: