BYOM function pathdefine.m (setting the path to the engine)

Syntax: pathdefine

A tiny piece of 'intelligent' code to add the required directories to the Matlab Path. Works both for UNIX and PC, as long as the byom script from which this function is called is in a subdirectory of the BYOM directory. The addition to the path is temporary, and forgotten when Matlab is restarted.



function pathdefine
rem    = pwd; % remember previous location
curdir = pwd; % current directory as string

Search and add

This section goes up the path from the present directory until it has located the BYOM root directory. From there, it adds the engine directory to the path and returns to the original directorty. This works both on PC and Unix (and probably also on Linux)

if isempty(findstr(['BYOM',filesep,'engine'],path)), % BYOM/engine is not already in the path ... add it!
    while strcmp(curdir(end-3:end),'BYOM')==0, % as long as we are not yet in the BYOM folder ...
        cd ..; % go one directory up
        curdir = pwd; % current directory as string
        if length(curdir) < 4, % if dir name is very small, we are probably in the root
            error('Pathdefine.m cannot find the directory BYOM. Make sure your script is in a sub-directory of BYOM.')
    addpath([pwd,filesep,'engine'],'-begin'); % add engine to the path
    eval(['cd(',char(39),rem,char(39),')']); % go back to the original location
    % This has to be done in this rather complicated manner as windows file locations may include spaces,
    % which cd interprets in the wrong way!