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Courses / TKTD summerschool / Impressions from 2012 course

The TKTD Summerschool 'DynModTox' in 2012

These are the participants and organisers of the 2012 course

Classroom exercises ... 

Learning Matlab is tough, but also fun ;-) (detect the error in the code below, which would have required an extra person to solve)

Participants needed to help one day in the kitchen.

Coffee and beer turned out to be the most essential beverages ...

Messages for future participants

We asked the participants which message they would like to leave for future participants, and here it is. Note that many of the comments are on Matlab; which we addressed by simplifying the BYOM tool (and adding templates to get started), and by using OpenModel as alternative platform. Furthermore, we limited the subsequent course to sub-lethal effects.
  • Pre-course home exercises and preparation is really important. It is a really busy week but it was great.
  • Learn the tool (Matlab) in advance, so not all things you encounter are new and complicated.
  • It is difficult if you do not have previous knowledge on matlab and DEB, but even then you can learn a lot. Don’t be scared of matlab, you are not the only one. Don’t try to finish all exercises, it’s not possible.
  • You will learn more about modelling than you thought there was to learned. Don’t be afraid of formulas and models, it is just a language.
  • Most different class both for student experts in programming and for those who have poor skills in modelling.
  • I am completely new to DEB, modelling, matlab and even the maths used on this workshop (differential equations+ likelihood functions), so I was very concerned that the level would be pitched too high. However, I have found that as long as you put in enough time and effort, it is possible to complete at least some of the exercises and understand all the concepts. It was also very surprised at how many other people had as little previous experience as myself, so don’t assume you will be the only one to struggle.
  • Try to become as fluent as possible with matlab beforehand so you can focus on learning concepts. Once you have arrived, try not to stress about the matlab part.
  • Understanding matlab before the course is worth the pain. Remember that everyone has different starting points.
  • Come really prepared with matlab to get the most out of this course.
  • Challenging and rewarding.
  • That the course is good.
  • Learning matlab took a lot of time and there was less time to absorb TKTD theory.
  • Overall a good course, but a bit advanced. Better suited to those that already have a background in modelling.
  • Take your time to properly prepare yourself to work on models. Do not give up!
  • Try to learn as much as possible about matlab before the course.
  • Have a good understanding of matlab.
  • Introduction material can be given at time of advertisement of the course. Not the exercises. Matlab tutorial should be better.
  • I recommend to make the course a bit longer and less hectic. The course is very relevant.

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